Florida Disclosure Requirements

Parent and Student Information

Our teachers are happy to accommodate you and your student’s needs throughout the week. They will respond to emails and phone calls M-F within 24 hours. For all Kindergarten through Grade 6 students, teachers provide small group synchronous sessions and large group synchronous sessions, as well as 1:1 synchronous sessions. In grades 6-12, teachers provide multiple large group synchronous sessions each week, as well as 1:1 synchronous sessions.

All teachers will post announcements in their classes as to specific office hours and contact information (please see example below):

Ms. Jane Doe
Math Teacher

Contact Information

E-mail: janed@accelerate-academy.net
Phone: 312-555-0123
Office Hours: 2:45-4:00, 6:30-8:00 pm EST, or by appointment
Zoom Info: janed@accelerate-academy.net

Help Desk

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Toll-Free Number:   866.705.5575

Get Help Online: Visit Help Desk Website

Help Desk Hours: 8am – 8pm EST (M-F)

How to Contact Administrative Office:

3655 W. Anthem Way, Suite A-109237, Anthem , AZ 85086


Administrative Staff:
Administrative staff biographies are available here.

Role Location
CEO Arizona
VP of Curriculum Pennsylvania
VP of Operations Iowa
VP of Technology Washington
VP of Client Services Arizona
Director of Product Management Washington
Director of School Partnerships Florida
Guidance Counselor North Carolina
K-5 Instruction Manager Minnesota
6-12 Instruction Manager Illinois
Project Manager Minnesota
Multi-Media Manager Washington
Manager of Learning and Development California
Curriculum Gap Manager Michigan
Manager of Instructional Design Pennsylvania
Educational Research Analyst Florida

Teaching Staff:
Certification status and physical location of all instructional personnel is detailed in the table below.

State Certification State of Residence Subject Area
Florida Florida Elementary, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Math
Florida, Michigan Florida Art, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Exceptional Student Education
Florida, Pennsylvania Florida General Science; Educational Leadership; Reading; Computer Science
California, Florida, Washington Washington Business Education and Traffic Safety
Arizona, California, Michigan Arizona Spanish
Arizona, California, Pennsylvania Arizona English Language Arts
California California Art
California California Biology
California Pennsylvania Elementary
California California English Language Arts, Social Studies
California California Finance and Business
California, GA, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Health & PE
California, Georgia, California Pennsylvania Elementary
California, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania Michigan Elementary, Math
California, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington New Jersey Elementary
California, Georgia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Elementary
California, Georgia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Elementary
California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Elementary
California, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Washington Nevada Art
California, Illinois, Michigan Illinois French
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Business, Computer Information Technology, Science
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Elementary, Middle School Science
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania California English
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Family and Consumer Sciences
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin Washington Health & PE
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Elementary, Math, Science
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington California English Language Arts, Social Studies
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Health & PE
California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington California Math, Physics
California, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas California CTE-Business and Marketing
California, North Carolina Pennsylvania English Language Arts, Elementary
California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania North Carolina Elementary
California, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Art
California, Pennsylvania California Biology, Chemistry
California, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Elementary
California, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania French
California, Pennsylvania California Math, Computer Information Technology, Business
California, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Science, Chemistry
California, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Business, Computer Information Technology
California, Washington California Spanish
Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Music
Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Elementary
Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington North Carolina Social Studies
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Business, Computer Information Technology, Math
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Art
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Biology, Math
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Elementary
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Elementary, Mid-Level Science
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania German
Pennsylvania Illinois Health & PE
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Math
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Math
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Social Studies
Pennsylvania, Washington Pennsylvania Elementary, Early Childhood, Reading Specialist

Average Student-Teacher Ratios:
Accelerate Education prides itself on quality instruction from 100% highly-qualified and state-certified teachers. Instruction is a combination of curriculum with implementation by a teacher.  Our current teacher to student ratios for our K-5 program is: 1:75

Teacher Load:

Grade Level Teacher Load
Kindergarten 300
First Grade 325
Second Grade 350
Third Grade 375
Fourth – Fifth Grade 400


Student Completion and Successful Completion Rates:

Year Completion Rate Successful Completion Rate
2023 92.82% 84.31%
2022 87.94% 85.66%
2021 81.9% 86.3%
2020 72.0% 93.0%
2019 88.2% 99.9%
2018 93.5% 99.9%
2017 90.3% 99.8%

*Note: data is for students taught by Accelerate Education’s instruction staff.

Please see below for performance data from school years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 for Accelerate Education students in Colorado. Growth in reading and math skills was measured using beginning of year (BOY) and end of year (EOY) iReady® assessment scores. i-Ready® is a web-based adaptive diagnostic assessment program produced and distributed by Curriculum Associates, LLC.

The results of the study concluded that Accelerate Education’s curriculum and instructional approaches produced statistically significant growth in skills across all K-3 levels in English Language Arts and math.

English Language Arts Growth Grades K-3

Teacher Performance Accountability:
All teachers report directly to the Instruction Manager. Teacher performance is reviewed on a bi-weekly basis. During these reviews, overall performance in terms of grading-time response and the use of feedback, and student’s performance in their courses is examined. This generally consists of going in to each teachers’ dashboard, reviewing their to-do list and the rate at which the teacher is grading the material and student performance.  During this review, at least one of their course gradebooks is reviewed to examine student performance and dive into the latest submissions to make sure the teacher is providing good instructional feedback to the students. This approach promotes students’ success and that teachers are abiding by the instruction policies. Specific issues or accomplishments are recorded during this review.

To accomplish the teacher’s review the Instruction Manager utilizes the Instructor Performance Matrix.  The matrix is designed to work as a communication tool between the instructor and evaluator.   Outlined in the matrix are requirements Accelerate Education emphasizes to drive successful performance for online students.  33% of teacher’s overall rating is based on student completion (80% or higher) and passing metrics (85% or higher).

The instructor’s overall performance is evaluated according to the following scale:

  • Great = Exceeds Expectations (examples listed in the comments)
  • Good = Meets Expectations
  • Ok = Sometimes Meets Expectations
  • No = Neglected to Meet Expectations (goals for improvement listed in the comments)
  • NA = Not Applicable

A copy of the Instructor Performance Matrix is provided on the following pages.

All teachers at Accelerate Education are required to maintain a Good to Great rating to continue teaching for Accelerate Education.


Category I: The teacher is a highly qualified instructor.
Category II: The teacher is comfortable with the required technology skills.
Category IV: The teacher monitors student activity and performance, intervening effectively to sustain participation and promote student achievement.
Category V: The teacher uses effective instructional strategies to adjust curriculum to meet student needs.
Category VI: The teacher uses effective communication skills required to facilitate an engaging online learning environment.
Category VII: The teacher models, guides and encourages legal, ethical, safe and healthy behavior related to technology use.
Category VIII: The teacher adheres to all Accelerate Education policies and expectations.