Grade 1 Social Studies

Course Description

Semester A

In this semester, students begin to explore basic fundamentals of social studies, including map skills and cardinal directions, and will begin to examine maps of the U.S. and the globe. Students will also be introduced to diversity and the importance of it in developing the culture of the United States. They will also begin their studies of character education, like good citizenship, taking responsibility, serving their community, and leadership.


Semester B

The second semester will begin the students’ studies of historical America. They will talk about famous historical figures such as George Washington Carver, Susan B. Anthony, Ruby Bridges, Amelia Earhart, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin. Students will explore tall tales and folklore dealing with history, character education, and other morals. They will also explore what is meant by economics, studying the difference between goods and services, needs and wants, and producers and consumers. They will end the semester doing some research and presentation of what they learned this semester.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

1st Grade


Course Materials List

Materials listed should be acquired by the student prior to beginning work in the course.


2 Semesters

Credit Value




Semester A

Major Concepts

Module 1: Introduction to Social Studies 1
Module 2: Maps and Directions
Module 3: United States on a Map
Module 4: World Globe
Module 5: Weather and Water
Module 6: Location and Physical Features
Module 7: Family and Diversity
Module 8: Communities and Traditions
Module 9: Cultures and Responsibility
Module 10: Good Citizenship
Module 11: Respect and Compassion
Module 12: Solving Problems
Module 13: Making Choices
Module 14: Leaders and Community Helpers
Module 15: Government and Democracy
Module 16: US Symbols
Module 17: Change Over Time
Module 18: Working Together for Good

Semester A Syllabus

Semester B

Major Concepts

Module 19: Historical America
Module 20: Tall Tales and Folklore
Module 21: Early America
Module 22: The Americas
Module 23: Colonial America
Module 24: Famous Historical Americans
Module 25: Economics
Module 26: More Goods and Services
Module 27: Work and Home
Module 28: Needs and Wants
Module 29: Producers
Module 30: Scarcity and Products
Module 31: Earning Money
Module 32: Using Money
Module 33: News and Technology
Module 34: History
Module 35: Research
Module 36: Presenting

Semester B Syllabus