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Accelerate Education offers comprehensive implementation planning and monitoring as well as multiple approaches to product and leadership training. These processes are folded into our larger Facilitated Transformation Process, which we developed because of our pioneering work to promote personalized professional learning in very high needs urban districts. During that time, we recognized key ingredients to implementing impactful personalized learning models and combined them into one comprehensive process that effectively scales and successfully supports accelerated learning. We will summarize each component of our Facilitated Transformation Model to provide an abbreviated overview of our approach prior to answering specific implementation and training questions. When implemented together, these components have been found to be especially impactful; however, they can also be offered as modular components that can be combined into custom programs.

personalized professional learning

A Two Pronged Approach

Accelerate Education recommends a two-pronged approach to ensuring successful operation of service after implementation. Deliberate, thorough planning (via Analysis and Transformation Boot Camp) gives districts a detailed 3-year implementation roadmap connected to goals and checkpoints. The second part is a capacity building approach to product training. Accelerate Education can provide our Essential Elements product training in a train-the-trainer model. This capacity building approach is designed to ensure successful operation of service after the implementation period.

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  • Project initiation
  • Appraisal – School Readiness and Needs Assessment
  • Transformation Boot Camp – Design Studio
  • Technical Implementation – Launch
  • Personalized Transformation Delivery – Coaching and Personalized Professional Learning
  • Ongoing data analysis and reporting – Progress Monitoring

Facilitated Transformation Model

personalized professional learning project initiation

1. Project initiation

To initiate the project, an expert personalized learning team works with the district to create a shared understanding of the project structure and scope, establish a leadership team, establish an initial timeline, and initiate a project kickoff.

personalized professional learning apprasial

2. Appraisal—School Readiness and Needs Assessment 

The Appraisal step of our Facilitated Transformation Process builds from a comprehensive needs assessment. The insights gained from examining multiple measures and sources of data are used to anchor decisions about planning, school and district readiness, capacity building, implementing, scaling, and assessing personalized learning throughout the entire transformation process.

personalized professional learning boot camp

3. Transformation Boot Camp—Design Studio

The Transformation Boot Camp is the most critical planning and capacity building steps of the Facilitated Transformation Process. In this two and ½ day facilitated seminar, an expert personalized learning transformation leader guides the leadership and implementation team in the development of a personalized learning plan that includes defined goals and mileposts; accountability and success measures; support structures and buy-in; and actionable steps and timelines related to each goal.

personalized professional learning support

4. Technical Implementation—Launch 

Building from the Personalized Learning Plan developed during the Transformation Boot Camp, the district begins their technical implementation. Accelerate Education supports this launch in a variety of ways, which may include the following:

  • Communication
  • School level Boot Camps
  • Buy-in development
  • Robust professional learning
  • Kick-off events
  • Micro-credential programs for personalized learning
  • Expert seminars
personalized professional learning delivery

5. Personalized Transformation Delivery—Coaching and Personalized Professional Learning

The Personalized Transformation Delivery step is about capacity building and expert support. We offer a variety of capacity building services that can be flexibly packaged and customized to meet your unique needs. The menu of options can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Face-to-face coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Online Coaching
  • On-demand professional learning
  • Lesson Planning
  • Product Training
  • Observation and evaluation
  • PLCs
personalized professional learning data analysis

6. Ongoing data analysis and reporting—Progress Monitoring

Ongoing data analysis and reporting is the last in the list of Facilitated Transformation Process steps, but it is the singular thread that ties all the activities into a continuously improving transformation process. Accelerate Education will designate a Partner Success Manager (PSM) as a dedicated project installation and management specialist. As a committed partner, the PSM assists school and district leadership with impactful and sustained adoption of the key tools and personalized learning strategies.