Online Courses

A Range of Options

With Accelerate Education’s range of options, schools can choose how they want to provide this option. They can exercise full control over the educational process, even providing their own teachers, or they can let Accelerate Education’s own highly qualified staff teach the students as an extension of their own faculty.

Accelerate Education provides online education courses for Kindergarten through 12th grade to meet the needs of all students, from at-risk students who had trouble succeeding in the traditional classroom to high achieving students seeking classes their schools cannot provide for them.

Benefits of Online Education Courses

Online courses extend the scope of a school’s instructional program, allowing schools of any size to meet the needs of each member of a diverse student body without straining its resources. Schools can add a wide variety of course offerings to their catalogs without adding staff or classrooms.

Even students who are physically unable to attend the school can continue to be active members of the student body. All students can have schedules tailored to their individual needs.

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Meeting the School's Objectives

In the modern era of education, schools are expected to adapt instructional delivery to meet the needs of all students. They must also make whatever adaptations are necessary to meet the individual needs of students. Schools also need to offer more instructional choices to students and provide alternatives to the traditional classroom experience.

Online education provides a valuable option that was not previously available. Online education provides an excellent alternative for:

  • Students seeking alternatives to the traditional classroom
  • High achieving students who need classes with enrollments too low for the school to offer economically
  • Students seeking classes for which the school does not have a qualified teacher on staff
  • Credit deficient students needing to make up required classes
  • Students with unusual travel demands
  • Home bound students too ill to attend school
  • Students with scheduling conflicts
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Why use Accelerate Education
Online Courses?

The Accelerate Education curriculum offers rich and engaging content that has been carefully designed to meet the standards required by states. Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessments appropriate to the courses being studied, including labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, group and individual projects, formative assessments, objective tests, and written exams.

Accelerate Education teachers are highly qualified and certified/licensed in the subjects they teach. Most have been teaching online for years, and they understand the proactive role required for success in online education. They participate in training to ensure that they are aware of best practices in online instruction. The Accelerate Education administrative staff carefully monitors the instructional process to ensure a high level of performance.

The Accelerate Education model includes a local Mentor who knows the student and can make the physical connection that is so important in education. This Mentor helps the student stay on track, provides any needed proctoring of exams, and serves as an important liaison between the teacher and the local school community.

Personalized Learning Toolset

Prescriptive Remediation

Utilizing prerequisite skills,
current objectives, and external resources. A prescriptive program is created for individual students whether advanced or not.

Text to Speech

All of our courses come equipped with text to speech software to help students who have may have deficiencies or trouble reading.

Notes and Bookmarks

Our technology allows students to take their own notes, save them, and bookmark the page for reference later.

Audio and Text Translation

For monolingual or ELL students,  our software allows for the both text and audio translations in multiple languages.

Adaptive Pre-Assessment

Adaptive pre-assessment allows for the creation of Individualized Learning Plans catered to each students needs, skill levels, and requirements.

Teacher Toolset

Our software gives the teacher the power to personalize the curriculum, create adaptive modules, and assess each student

Course Demos

Our goal is to allow students to earn credits in an open enrollment system that is not tied to a fixed schedule or calendar