In response to inquiries from school partners, we are offering a potential solution to deal with school closings due to COVID-19. While we hope schools never have to use this solution, we want our partners to have an option as they prepare for the COVID-19 virus in the event of school closings.

Contact us for more information.


Everything you need to make a seamless and successful transition to personalized learning

Personalized Learning

March 25, 2099

Teachers are provided innovative and flexible tools to help them meet students individual needs.

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Online Courses

March 24, 2099

Accelerate Education provides online courses for Kindergarten through 12th to meet the needs of students.

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Credit Recovery

March 23, 2099

These individualized, self-paced, standards-based courses are intended to keep students on track for graduation.

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Learn More

March 20, 2099

Interested in more information about Accelerate Education? Contact us to set up a meeting.

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Professional Development

March 21, 2099

Advanced learning to improve professional knowledge, skill, and effectiveness.

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Classroom Tools

March 22, 2099

Digital curricular resources for teachers to supplement and enhance the classroom experience.

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Whats at the core of Accelerate Education

K-12 Online Courses

Accelerate Education provides online education courses for Kindergarten through 12th grade to meet the needs of ...

Personalized Learning

With the IDEAL Learning Library, teachers can create individualized learning plans to address each student’s specific ...

Adaptive Credit Recovery

Our Adaptive Credit Recovery Program is designed to serve students seeking to recapture credit for courses ...

Blended Learning

Through Accelerate Education’s IDEAL Learning Library, teachers are provided with an innovative and flexible tool to ...


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