Adaptive Credit Recovery

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Our Adaptive Credit Recovery Program is designed to serve students seeking to recapture credit for courses previously taken.

Our program allows students to follow an individualized path based on adaptive assessments and progress at their own pace while being excused from material for which they have demonstrated mastery.

These individualized, self-paced, standards-based courses are intended to keep students on track for graduation. We are glad we can help students with course credit recovery.

Our goal is to allow students to earn credits in an open enrollment system that is not tied to a fixed schedule or calendar. We want to help with course credit recovery.

Student Assesment

Module Assessment

Since students may have learned enough to make repeating an entire course unnecessary, students begin with a module assessment to first determine what they already know about the material within the module. Visual indicators inform the students which lessons within the module they will be required to complete, based on their initial assessment performance.

Direct Instruction

For any lessons that are not mastered, content that includes direct instruction and practice is presented to students, then followed by a formative assessment. Students move on to the next available lesson where they repeat the process until the module is finished. A summative assessment is required at the end of the module, where students demonstrate mastery of key objectives.

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Personalized Learning Toolset

Prescriptive Remediation

Utilizing prerequisite skills,
current objectives, and external resources. A prescriptive program is created for individual students whether advanced or not.

Text to Speech

All of our courses come equipped with text to speech software to help students who may have deficiencies or trouble reading.

Notes and Bookmarks

Our technology allows students to draw their own notes, save them, and bookmark the page for reference later.

Audio and Text Translation

For monolingual or ELL students,  our software allows for the both text and audio translations in multiple languages.

Adaptive Pre-Assessment

Adaptive pre-assessment allows for the creation of Individualized Learning Plans catered to each students needs, skill levels, and requirements.

Teacher Toolset

Our software gives the teacher the power to personalize the curriculum, create adaptive modules, and asses each student