Personalized Learning

The Difference with Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is more than just another Curriculum.  In the traditional style students are forced to all follow the same path and at the same speed that the teacher teaches. This leads to students that fall behind due to the fast pace and can even be held back from personal achievements.

With individual personalized learning each student is allowed to move at their speed and forge a path to give them that opportunity for expressing their personal creativity.  While moving towards a mastery of each learning target.

With this system teachers have more time and opportunity to spend time teaching individuals and small groups of students.

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Helping Students Reach Further

With effective programs and the right technology in place you can transform the traditional class room into a model of individual personalized learning. Ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed and reach further than ever thought possible.

Personalized Learning Toolset

Prescriptive Remediation

Utilizing prerequisite skills,
current objectives, and external resources. A prescriptive program is created for individual students whether advanced or not.

Text to Speech

All of our courses come equipped with text to speech software to help students who have may have deficiencies or trouble reading.


Our technology allows students to take their own on-screen notes to reference later.

Audio and Text Translation

For monolingual or ELL students,  our software allows for the both text and audio translations in multiple languages.

Adaptive Pre-Assessment

Adaptive pre-assessment allows for the creation of Individualized Learning Plans catered to each students needs, skill levels, and requirements.

Teacher Toolset

Our software gives the teacher the power to personalize the curriculum, create adaptive modules, and assess each student

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