3rd Grade Social Studies

Course Description

Semester A

Social Studies 3 introduces students to the geography of the regions of the United States. They will access maps, interpret map elements, and summarize physical and human characteristics of a region. They will also analyze the impact that humans have on their environment. Students will then learn how state and federal governments operate. Finally, students will be able to connect the rights of a citizen to the responsibilities of citizenship.

Semester B

The second semester of Social Studies 3 begins with the students focusing on the principles of economics. Students will learn how the economy works through earning, spending, and saving money. Students will move into identifying heroic figures, both past and present, and interpreting timelines. Students will then assess American culture during the colonial times. They will also analyze immigration and the contributions made to the United States. Finally, they will relate landmarks to their historical significance.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

3rd Grade


Course Materials List

*Materials listed should be acquired by the student prior to beginning work in the course.


2 Semesters


Social Studies 2

Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Guided Research Skills (with assistance of the learning coach)
  • Audio and Video Recording

Semester A

Major Concepts:

  • Geographic Literacy 
  • Physical and Human Characteristics 
  • Human Environment Interaction 
  • Regions of the US 
  • American Government 
  • Symbols and Holidays 
  • American Citizenship 

Semester B

Major Concepts

  • Economics 
  • Heroes Past and Present 
  • Timelines 
  • Westward Migration 
  • Immigration 
  • Changing Communities 
  • Culture 
  • Landmarks