Grade 2 Science

Course Description

Semester A

Science 2 introduces students to the process of observation and how important it is to the study of science. Learners will identify their five senses and why they are critical to observation. Students will use these observation skills throughout the course as they examine many different types of animals and their environments. Students will begin by exploring the needs and behaviors of animals and continue into learning how scientists solve problems through engineering.

As the course continues, exploration continues to topics of matter, energy, habitats, weather, and animal characteristics. Students will learn through video, hands-on participation, and observation with nature. The teachers will conduct live assessments for the topics that have been covered throughout the week’s lessons. Grade 2 Science provides students with the opportunity to expand their minds and see for themselves how the world works and the way animals and nature are a part of their everyday lives.

Semester B

Semester B of Science 2 begins with how the earth changes and how things move. Learners will be asked to recall the characteristics of different animal groups and explore how they are interconnected through food chains and cooperation. The course ends with the students taking a closer look at how plants fit into the workings of the world and the different types of resources on Earth. At the close of the course, students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Earth’s systems and interdependence.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Course Materials List

*Materials listed should be acquired by the student prior to beginning work in the course.


2 Semesters


Science 1

Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Guided Research Skills (with assistance from the learning coach)
  • Audio and Video Recording

Semester A

Major Concepts:

  • Senses 
  • Needs 
  •  Animal Behavior 
  •  Engineering 
  •  Matter 
  • Habitats 
  •  Weather 
  •  Water 
  •  Diversity of Living Things

Semester B

Major Concepts:

  • Earth Changes 
  • Forces & Motion 
  • Insects 
  •  Pollination 
  •  Food Chains 
  •  Life Cycles 
  •  Plants 
  • Natural Resources