AP Spanish Language and Culture A&B

Course Description

Semester A

In AP Spanish Language and Culture, students will use the three modes of communication – interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational – as defined by the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. Using the ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learners, students will be provided opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in each of the three modes. Each module is theme-based, providing ample opportunities to interpret written, print, visual, audiovisual, and audio text; speak with and write to others; and present by speaking and writing for an audience.

Themes in semester A include families and communities, education and careers, entertainment and travel, global citizenship and human geography, lifestyle and traditions, social awareness, historical figures, and ethnic identity.

Semester B

In order to demonstrate all three modes of communication, students will engage with their instructor and students in collaborative discussions, personal opinion and persuasive essays, interpretation activities, and oral and audiovisual presentations. In both semesters, students will encounter similar tasks as found on the AP exam, but by semester B, the difficulty and complexity will have increased to match the exam’s expectations.

Themes in semester B include technology, healthcare and medicine, architecture, beauty and creativity, personal beliefs and interests, fashion, design, literature and the arts, science and ethics, economics, philosophy, and religion.

Course Requirements

Grade Level


Abriendo paso: Temas y lecturas 2014 Realize
ISBN: 9780328954445 (1 year)

Abriendo paso: Gramatica 2014 Realize
ISBN: 9780328954346 (1 year)

Call Savvas Customer Service to Purchase these two eTextbooks at 800-848-9500. Press #5, then #3, then #3. Specify to agent that it is for an online private school.

Optional: Princeton Review AP Spanish Language & Culture Prep, 2024


2 Semesters


Spanish 1 – 3

Technology Skills

• Internet Access
• Word Processor
• Microphone

Semester A

Major Concepts

• Las familias y las comunidades

• La vida contemporanea

• La interaccion global

• Los estilos de vida

• La sociedad actual

• Las identidades personales y publicas

Semester B

Major Concepts

• La ciencia y la tecnologia I

• La belleza y la estética

• Las creencias

• Tipos de arte

• La ciencia y la tecnologia II

• Los desafios mundiales