Spanish 2

Course Description

Students build upon the foundation developed in Spanish 1. They continue to build vocabulary, learn new verb tenses and other grammar concepts, and they increase their ability to communicate with others. They learn new concepts, like reflexive verbs, infinitive expressions, commands, and the imperfect tense. Semester B will continue building on vocabulary, grammar concepts, and communicating effectively in the target language. Students will explore new countries where Spanish is spoken and continue to keep abreast of current events in the Spanish-speaking world.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





2 Semesters

Credit Value



Spanish 1

Semester A

Major Concepts

Module 1: Introduction & Review
Module 2: Los Animales
Module 3: Presente y Vocabulario de Viaje
Module 4: Los Verbos Reflexivos y Rutinas Diarias
Module 5: El Cuerpo
Module 6: Objetos y Día de los Muertos

Semester A Syllabus

Semester B

Major Concepts

Module 7: Community Maps
Module 8: Celebrations
Module 9: Clothing/Shopping
Module 10: College Life
Module 11: Preterit vs. Imperfect
Module 12: Food Recipes

Semester B Syllabus