Spanish 1

Course Description

Spanish 1 is designed to develop an authentic and practical understanding of the Spanish language and culture. Students will have the ability to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions in the target language within basic, real-life situations and learning scenarios. All new concepts, grammatical concepts, and cultural information will be introduced in context while incorporating various listening, speaking and writing activities.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





2 Semesters

Credit Value




Enduring Understandings of this course

  • Language is an interactive and communicative experience.
  • Learning a foreign language will allow you to make comparisons to your native language.
  • Language requires the use of critical thinking (problem-solving) skills.
  • By learning about other cultures and ways of life, you will make connections to your own and gain a deeper understanding of the world.
  • Learning to ask meaningful questions is an important part of learning and using a language.
  • Making plans in Spanish is a key component of interaction and conversation in Spanish.
  • Spanish is not a homogenous language or culture, rather it is full of regional linguistic and cultural variation.
  • Playing and talking about sports in Spanish is a great way to learn the language well.