Art Development Level 2

Course Description

In Level 2 of Art Development, students continue to explore self-expression, awareness of details, development of fine motor skills, cooperation, and self-discipline through a variety of mediums and the mixing of mediums to create artwork. Art provides an opportunity for children to develop the use of their senses directly and encourages the student to further develop what they already know as a course of knowledge and creativity. It is important for the student to make a connection between the verbal and visual, logic and emotions, and imagination and reality. In this course, students will do so by using color, shapes, symmetry, and lines for texturing and action.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Basic Art and Crafting Supplies


1 Semester



Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Email Communication (with assistance of parent or teacher)

Major Concepts

  • Cooperation
  • Self-expression
  • Promotes greater awareness of details
  • Promote development of fine motor skills
  • Colors
  • Lines for texturing and action
  • Shapes
  • Symmetry/mirror painting
  • Printmaking
  • Create artwork using various mediums
  • Mixing mediums for artwork