German 2

Course Description

Semester A

In this course, students build on grammar and language skills that they acquired during their German 1A and German 1B courses. While reviewing basic grammar skills in present and past tense, students learn and study stem-changing verb conjugation and explore cultural themes regarding current events, famous German people, music, and famous festivals.


Semester B

In the second semester course, students increase their proficiency in being able to communicate by forming more complex German sentences in a variety of tenses using all four cases (Nominative, Accusative, Dative, and Genitive). The variety of topics increases also, from exploring different careers to discussing relationships. Cultural themes are entwined throughout this course related to going shopping, going to the zoo, and traveling throughout the German-speaking world.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

9 – 12




2 Semesters

Credit Value:



German 1

Semester A

Major Concepts

Module 1: Wiederholung
Module 2: Musik / Feste / Nachrichten
Module 3: Wer wirst du sein?
Module 4: Auf dem Land
Module 5: In der Stadt
Module 6: Challenge

Semester A Syllabus

Semester B

Major Concepts

Module 7:Einkaufen
Module 8:Freizeitaktivitaeten & Beim Arzt
Module 9:Wo ich wohne
Module 10:Reisen!
Module 11:Challenge

Semester B Syllabus