Algebra 2

Course Description

Semester A

Algebra 2 further extends the learner’s understanding of major algebra concepts such as expressions, equations, functions, and inequalities. An emphasis will be placed on the use of appropriate functions to model real-world situations and solve problems that arise from those situations. A focus is also on graphing functions by hand and understanding and identifying the parts of a graph.


Semester B

Algebra 2 builds on the concepts learned in the first semester and prepares the learners with the building blocks needed to dive deeper into trigonometry, pre-calculus, and advanced probability and statistics.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

9 – 12


A graphing calculator. Gcalc is a free download if you do not have a hand-held.


2 Semesters

Credit Value



Algebra 1

Semester A

Major Concepts

Module 1: Equations, Inequalities and Linear Functions
Module 2: Quadratic Relations and Equations
Module 3: Polynomial Functions and Equations
Module 4: Radical Functions and Equations
Module 5: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Module 6: Rational Functions and Relations

Semester A Syllabus

Semester B

Major Concepts

Module 7: Sequences and Series
Module 8: Probability and Statistics
Module 9: Conic Sections
Module 10: Trigonometric Functions
Module 11: Trigonometric Identities
Module 12: Review Module

Semester B Syllabus