Integrated Math 2

Course Description

Semester A

Students begin the course learning about the algebraic concepts of functions, equations, inequalities, and complex numbers. They explore exponential and radical expressions, work with polynomials, and apply their knowledge to real-world problems by using algebraic expressions and pictorial and symbolic representation.

Semester B

Students begin this course by studying probability and then transition into the study of logic and geometric proofs. They continue their geometry study of triangles, parallel and perpendicular lines and angles, and then transition into the study of trigonometric ratios and the application of trigonometry. This course ends with a comprehensive look at circles.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Graphing calculator (can use an online version)


2 Semesters


Algebra 1 OR Integrated Math 1

Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing
  • Email Communication

Semester A

  • Major Concepts

    • Algebraic concepts
    • Exponentials and Radicals
    • Polynomials
    • The Quadratic Function
    • Rational Expressions and Equations
    • Functions

Semester B

  • Major Concepts

    • Probability and Statistics
    • Logic and Proofs
    • Triangles: Properties and Proofs
    • Right Triangles
    • Trigonometric Ratios & Identities
    • Circles