Integrated Math 2

Course Description

Students in Integrated Math 2 will focus on pulling together and applying the accumulation of learning that they have acquired from their previous math courses. They will apply methods from probability and statistics; expand their repertoire of functions to include polynomial, rational, and radical functions; and expand their study of right triangle trigonometry. In addition, they will bring together all of their experience with functions and geometry to create models and solve contextual problems.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

10th Grade


Graph paper
A graphing calculator. Gcalc is a free download if you do not have a hand-held.


2 Semesters

Credit Value



Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1

Semester A

Major Concepts

Tools of the Trade
Exponentials with Radicals
Working with Polynomials
The Quadratic Function
Rational Expressions and Equations
Polynomials and Functions

Semester A Syllabus

Semester B

Major Concepts

Logic and Proofs
Triangle Properties and Proofs
Right Triangles
Trigonometric Ratios

Semester B Syllabus