Creative Writing

Course Description

This creative writing class is about you – and all the characters, voices, and stories in your head. In this introductory class, you will explore poetry, drama, and short stories as a way to express, explore, and connect with yourself and the world around you. Writing will be examined as a process that reflects thinking. You will begin with brainstorming and pre-writing skills and move forward to various writing genres culminating in a short story at the end of the course. Poetry, plays, and short stories will be studied both as a reader and as a writer. Time will be spent developing characters and using dialogue productively. Come write and enjoy!

Course Requirements

Grade Level





1 Semesters


Language Arts 9

Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing
  • Email Communication

Course Outline

  • Writing is a means of documenting thinking.
  • Focus, content, organization, style, and conventions work together to impact writing quality.
  • Writing is a recursive process that conveys ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • Purpose, topic and audience guide types of writing.
  • Writing voice as it is conveyed through style.
  • The application, purpose, function, and execution of three major genres of writing: poetry, drama, and short story.
  • The purposeful use of life experiences as foundations for the construction of original texts.
  • The use of existing texts as models for the production of original texts.