Art History

Course Description

This Art History course integrates the four components of art study: art production, historical and cultural context, critical process, and aesthetic process. Students will be able to identify and describe art from prehistoric times to modern time. Throughout this course, students will discuss various artworks, research artists, and create documents and presentations demonstrating concepts learned.

Course Requirements

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1 Semesters

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Enduring Understandings of this course

  • Viewing and creating works of art involves a deliberate process of making decisions and judgments.
  • Art and architecture were influenced by emerging cultures and significant, and lasting artistic contributions have been made by the major civilizations.
  • The rise of Christianity influenced art and artists in the period between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.
  • Significant changes in art techniques and purpose emerge during the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods.
  • Although art during the modern era is diverse and different from most earlier styles, modern artists are still influenced by art from the past.