Character Education

Course Description

This course teaches students practical skills for understanding and managing their emotions, setting goals and getting organized, understanding and getting along with others in our diverse world, and making good decisions. Research shows that people who practice these skills have greater academic achievement as students and experience more success and satisfaction as adults.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

  • Self-awareness helps individuals identify what they are feeling and what messages they are telling themselves.
  • Understanding oneself helps a person manage emotional reactions and stress more effectively.
  • Setting goals and organizing one’s time and environment allow a person to focus on the things that are most important to them.
  • Understanding oneself provides a basis for understanding other people.
  • Our world is diverse, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a wide variety of people has never been more important.
  • Personal and professional relationships take work.
  • Effectively communicating with individuals and groups is essential in school and in life.
  • To make good decisions, individuals should follow a rational decision-making process and their own ethical or moral code.