Architectural Design I

Course Description

In Architectural Design I, students will review various concepts used in the design and architecture field. They will learn about basic drafting equipment and how to use and maintain it. They will analyze challenges and solutions within the development of design. They will also learn how to prepare drawings manually and using AutoCAD software. A substantial portion of the course will be spent on sequential processes so that students develop an understanding of creating and annotating drawings as well as how to apply standard rules regarding line types, offset objects, creating layers, and setting up a page for plotting. They will also explore three-dimensional drawing and use coordinating and navigation systems to create them.


This course prepares students for the Autodesk® Certified User in Auto-
CAD Certification Exam. To learn more select the following link:

Course Requirements

Grade Level





1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Basic Drafting
Module 2: Design and Drawings Part I
Module 3: Design and Drawings Part II
Module 4: Design and Drawings Part III
Module 5: Dimensioning and Annotation
Module 6: Working Drawings
Module 7: Pictorial Drawings and Surface Developments
Module 8: Sequential Processes Part I
Module 9: Sequential Processes Part II
Module 10: Sequential Processes Part III
Module 11: Sequential Processes Part IV
Module 12: Sequential Processes Part V
Module 13: Three-Dimensional Drawing Part 1
Module 14: Three-Dimensional Drawing Part II