Microsoft Outlook Certification Course

Course Description

This course introduces students to Microsoft Outlook. Students will gain insights into the features and capabilities of this essential email software. Students progress from fundamental processes like adding an account to more complex tasks, such as customizing features to better accommodate specific needs.



This course prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook Certification exam.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Microsoft Outlook


1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Outlook
Module 2: Customizing Settings, Printing, and Saving Information
Module 3: Performing Search Operations and Configuring Mail Settings
Module 4: Creating and Formatting Messages
Module 5: Organize and Manage Messages
Module 6: Creating and Managing Calendars, Meetings, and Events
Module 7: Organizing and Managing Appointments, Meetings, Events, Notes, and Tasks
Module 8: Creating and Managing Contacts, and Contact Groups