Microsoft Excel Certification Course

Course Description

This course introduces students to Microsoft Excel. Knowledge of this fundamental spreadsheet software has proven to boost career and employment prospects. Excel skills can boost productivity as a student and are useful in daily life, such as managing personal finances. Through an engaging and scaffolded approach, students advance from absolute basics like formatting and navigation, to performing complex tasks like data manipulation, macros, and PivotTables.



This course prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Microsoft Excel


1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Module 2: Managing Workbook Options and Settings
Module 3: Managing and Formatting Data
Module 4: Applying Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
Module 5: Looking Up Data by Using Functions Part I
Module 6: Looking Up Data by Using Functions Part II
Module 7: Creating and Modifying Simple Macros and Advanced Charts
Module 8: Creating and Modifying PivotTables
Module 9: Creating and Modifying PivotCharts