Intro To Java Programming

Course Description

Java is one of the most widely used computer languages in the world.  This course will teach students Java by having them complete multiple projects, both in the console and user interface, including mad libs, player vs computer games, battleship, tic-tac-toe, picture shuffler, and many more. This course is meant to give students lots of experience in Java by creating multiple stand-alone programs. This course assumes no coding experience with Java programming and includes self-graded quizzes and tests.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

9 – 12


HTML Text Editor: TextEdit (For use on Mac) or Notepad (For use on Windows)


Students must have access to a computer with internet access and an internet browser. The computer may run Windows or Mac OS.  No Chromebooks.


1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Intro to Java
Module 2: Input and Output
Module 3: Stick Game
Module 4: Battleship
Module 5: TicTacToe
Module 6: Picture Puzzler

Course Syllabus