History of Gaming and Esports

Course Description

In this course, students will learn about the technologies and design principles that have been the foundation of the development of video game technology over the last 50 years. Students will examine and discuss the impact of video games on culture and the economy. Students will learn about the current gaming and e-sports landscape, including strategies and techniques of top teams and individuals. This course will also discuss the risks and dangers of video games and understand how to set appropriate time and content parameters. Finally, the course will identify career paths and opportunities for those who are passionate about gaming.

Course Requirements

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1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Atari and the Introduction to Video Games
Module 2: Nintendo and Game Boy
Module 3: Super Nintendo, Sega, and Computer Games
Module 4: PlayStation
Module 5: Xbox
Module 6: Wii, Kinect, and Active Gaming
Module 7: Mobile Gaming
Module 8: Augmented and Virtual Reality Gaming
Module 9: History and Current State of E-sports
Module 10: Contemporary Issues in E-sports