Film and Television

Course Description

The culture of cinema and television tells a unique story of history and innovation. Students in Film and Television will be introduced to industry icons and stars of the big and small screen. By studying and writing about film and television, students will analyze trends in technology and culture and better understand how to be an informed viewer.

Course Requirements

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1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

  • Changes in the industry: Understand of the role of technology and how it evolves the industry.
  • Actors: Explore the contributions of actors including Brando, Hepburn, Kelly, Stewart, Poitier, Bogart, Newman,Taylor, Eastwood, Monroe, Ball and Washington.
  • Industry leaders: Analyze the impact of industry leaders like MGM, Paramount, Hitchcock, Disney, Capra, Wells, Coppola, Pollock, Lumet, Lucas, Spielberg, Scorcese, Lumet, Wilder, Marshall, Spelling and Carson.
  • Societal impact: Study the relationship of history and society with the evolution of film and television, the development of talk shows, news and sports and motion picture distribution.
  • Movements: Explain significant developments including the Golden Age of Hollywood, Hollywood Blacklist, children’s television, 24 hour news, ESPN and streaming television.