Digital Photography

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Course Description

Understanding the tools available opens the possibilities to create images with impact. In our Digital Photography online course, students will study the history of photography as well as the basic operation of a digital camera. As they are introduced to different styles of photography and photographers, students will begin to develop artistic skills as well as their own voice through their photographs.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

9 – 12


Digital camera (tripod, lenses, lights optional), paper, scissors, glue, access to photo manipulation software


1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

  • History: Study the history of photography, the impact of photography on historical events and the development of photography equipment.
  • Movements: Analyze art movements through the photography lens including Expressionism, Dada and Surrealism.
  • Design elements: Explore different techniques, design elements and the Rule of Thirds.
  • Equipment: Understand equipment used in photography including point-and-shoot cameras, 35mm cameras, lights, lenses, accessories and software.
  • Projects: Create a mixed media project and a personal photography portfolio using acquired best practices.
  • Artists: Study the styles and portfolios of well-known professional photographers.