Career Exploration in Finance

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Course Description

This course introduces students to the challenging and lucrative world of finance. While “Wall Street” may still get a bad rap after the 2008 financial crisis, finance careers still remain highly sought after and can be highly rewarding. The course reviews key financial terms and examines various groups, positions, and roles within financial institutions. Students will learn about resumes, interviews, and networking. Students will also discuss ethics on Wall Street and the role of finance within society.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Why Pursue a Career in Finance?
Module 2: Finance Basics
Module 3: Investment Banking
Module 4: Sales and Trading
Module 5: Private Wealth Management
Module 6: Financial Planning and Analysis
Module 7: High School, College, and Internship Preparation
Module 8: Networking, Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews
Module 9: Succeeding on the Job
Module 10: Life after Banking