Business Law

Course Description

Students learn about the American legal system. They examine ethics, court systems, criminal law, and law of torts. They examine how the court systems work together, and what misconduct results in going to court. It is important to also understand your consumer rights. As they progress through the course, they will also gain an understanding from a business perspective what is right and wrong business actions and employment laws. As an employee or employer it is important to understand the laws that protect the employee and employer. The study will focus on the formation of a business and the basic legal issues associated with each type of business.

Course Requirements

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1 Semester

Credit Value




Enduring Understandings of this course

  • Ethics, court systems and types of laws are essential to understanding the legal system.
  • Consumer law ensures protection on contract agreements, purchases, warranties and even product malfunctions.
  • There different types of employment contracts.
  • There are various ways to form a business and each has disadvantages and advantages, as well as legal obligations.