Arts Careers

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Course Description

For every Broadway dancer, every television star, and every pop singer, there are countless people behind the scenes helping to make it happen. Our online Arts Careers course introduces students to the skills that are part of many fascinating careers in the arts. Studying the arts creates independent and innovative thinkers and many doors are open to an artist with the proper training.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



  • Digital Camera (camera phone, DSLR and other devices with a camera is acceptable)
  • Video Camera (camera phone, DSLR and other devices with a camera is acceptable)
  • Video software (iMovie and other video editing software is acceptable)


1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

  • Careers in acting: Explore the positions and careers involved with the acting industry and discover how to pursue a position in this industry.
  • Careers in dance: Discover careers in the dance industry and find out the steps needed to land yourself in the next big performance.
  • Careers in music: Find out more about the music industry and the diverse careers that make up it.
  • Careers in visual arts: Explore how painting, sculpting, and other visual arts create a diverse industry made up of varying positions and talents.
  • Careers in film, television and theatre: Find out all of the careers associated with some of the world’s most viewed arts: film, television and theatre. From Broadway to “The Simpsons”, explore all of the different opportunities in these industries.