Aeronautics and Space Travel

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Course Description

This course introduces students to the history and near future of space travel. Students will explore the possibilities of moon bases, Mars colonies, and visiting the outer planets in our solar system and their moons. Students will also discuss important ethical and legal issues around space exploration, such as asteroid mining and war in space. The online Aeronautics course gives an expansive view of the technologies, science, and theories that will make far-fetched dreams into realities during the student’s lifetime.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Module 1: Intro to Space Travel
Module 2: Apollo and Shuttles
Module 3: International Space Station and Satellites
Module 4: Moon Base
Module 5: Mars Colony
Module 6: Asteroid Mining
Module 7: Solar System Exploration
Module 8: Robots and War in Space
Module 9: Spacecraft Technology
Module 10: Interstellar Travel