Social Studies 6 A&B

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Course Description

Semester A

The first semester of Social Studies 6 introduces students to the beginnings of ancient civilization. We will trace the path of human origins in Africa and follow the path of migration around the Earth. This course will help students understand why we study history and the process in which we form conclusions about events in the past. Students will begin to learn about the major ancient civilization around the world and their cultures. Modern civilizations can trace their foundations to these ancient civilizations, and their cultures and histories teach us much about ourselves and the modern world in which we live.

Semester B

In the second semester of Social Studies grade 6, students will continue to examine ancient civilizations and their cultures. In this semester we will continue to trace the path of human civilization from the Mediterranean through the Eastern world. An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and connecting themes in history to our modern world.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

6th Grade




2 Semesters


Social Studies 5

Technology Skills

Ability to create word processing and presentation documents and upload to the course

Semester A

Major Concepts:

  • Studying History & Time’s Beginning
  • Fertile Crescent Civilizations
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient American Civilizations
  • Polytheism to Monotheism
  • The Mediterranean

Semester B

Major Concepts:

  • Early Rome
  • Roman Empire
  • Indian Civilizations
  • Classical China
  • Post Classical China