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Darlene Wilgus

Darlene has 35+ years of experience in education spanning teaching and leading private and public schools K-12. She has also served as an adjunct professor in both education and university administrative programs for George Fox, Seattle Pacific, and Heritage. Her passions lie in student-centered practices, program development, and best practices approaches for teachers to employ. Her undergrad work was at Northwest Nazarene University, MED in School Administration from Central Washington University, and her Superintendent’s license was earned through the Executive Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University.

During her tenure in alternative learning the past 14 years, she became an NBCT, led a 10 member cohort with 80% certification in year one, and facilitated two district-level program cohorts. Her focus for the past seven years became a lightning rod for today’s educational paradigm: developing and implementing a successful district online learning program.

DLAC: Giving Students Agency Through Digital Learning

The DLAC (Digital Learning Annual Conference) is centered in providing digital learning options for students and giving them agency or contr …

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Finding the Right FIT for Your Virtual Learning Program

Choosing to enroll in a virtual learning program option can be equated to joining a gym or starting a workout routine. The online learning e …

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From Disconnect to Reconnect

During the opening years of our online learning program, we looked more like a regular learning program and less like one with personalized …

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The 3 Fs That Don’t Equal Failure

The 3 F’s that don’t equal failure: Flexibility, Forward-Thinking, and Formative Practices. Plan for personalized learning options for this …

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Making Learning Visible

When my lenses or windshield become foggy, I need to stop and clear my vision so I know where to head. Amidst all of the disruption that has …

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3 Free Keys for Influencers

Influencers: 3 free keys to unlocking digital leaning program communication. Influencers within your district or community can expand your d …

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April Showers

Key priorities for school decision makers to keep in mind through April scheduling to optimize results for the month of May

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Negotiating Need to Knows

Know how to choose the right vendor to better serve your students and families

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Spring Forward

Springing into the new school year, with step-by-step planning to navigate into the fall.

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FTE Keepers

3 Ways to Keep FTE in Your School or District. Plan to pick up your game for the 2021-22 School Year.

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Choose Wisely from the Menu

Think food cart village. Different cuisines, side dishes, etc. Many menu choices and with a variety of price points depending on what you or …

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Leading Learning in 2021/2022

In the United States, measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a sudden, nation-wide shift in how teachers manage their classroo …

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