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FREE “Using Google Classroom” Course Available for Teachers

Need assistance navigating and using the tools for your Google Classroom? Register now for your FREE online course “Using Google Classroom” Now! In this course you will learn how to use productivity and collaboration tools, such as G Suite by Google Cloud. These tools include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Forms, Google Drive and Google Classroom. Register below!

FREE Online Learning Webinar Series

Educators! Want to know how to how to improve your online teaching? Join Accelerate Education for a FREE WEBINAR entitled “Accommodations and Modifications in Virtual Classrooms” on May 7th at 12PM EDT, as we discuss the common types of accommodations and modifications that can be implemented online, as well as how to effectively employ them. Sign up below!

FREE Online Learning Webinar Series

Having a hard time engaging with parents and students in your online classroom? As teachers, we know when teachers, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students achieve at higher levels. Join Accelerate Education for another FREE webinar entitled “Providing Ongoing Support to Parents and Students in Your Online Classroom” as we discuss tools, tips, and strategies for engaging and supporting parents and students in your online classroom. Register below!

Struggling Teaching on ZOOM?

Join us to learn how to get the most out of your classroom Zoom meetings in our FREE webinar series in online learning on Friday, April 24th at 12pm EDT entitled: Get the Most Out of Your Zoom Meetings. The importance of developing strategies that enhance our participation and engagement in these meetings is a priority for teachers. Register here and see what other sessions we have coming!

FREE Online Learning Webinar Series

Join us as we kick off a FREE webinar series in online learning. Wednesday April 22nd at 3pm EDT, we begin with Preparing Your Online Classroom: Transitioning to Online Teaching, where we’ll go through setting up a functional online classroom environment, providing appropriate assignments, and establishing a comprehensive support system for students and parents. Register here and see what other sessions we have coming.

FREE Online Educational Resources

Amidst the response to COVID-19, educators have been forced to quickly transition to online learning. Accelerate Education has a team of online learning experts with over 20 years of experience. See what resources are coming your way to help prepare you for this journey.