Personalized Learning

A K-12 Based personal learning solution that uses the Common Core Standards to structurally support personalized, blended learning.

What Would a New Educational System Look Like?

If we had the chance to start over completely and build a new educational system from scratch, what would we build?

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From Disconnect to Reconnect

During the opening years of our online learning program, we looked more like a regular learning program and less like one with personalized …

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The 3 Fs That Don’t Equal Failure

The 3 F’s that don’t equal failure: Flexibility, Forward-Thinking, and Formative Practices. Plan for personalized learning options for this …

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Spring Forward

Springing into the new school year, with step-by-step planning to navigate into the fall.

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FTE Keepers

3 Ways to Keep FTE in Your School or District. Plan to pick up your game for the 2021-22 School Year.

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Leading Learning in 2021/2022

In the United States, measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a sudden, nation-wide shift in how teachers manage their classroo …

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