Adventures in Roblox Studio

Course Description

In this course, modules will be teaching students how to use Roblox Studio Dive into Roblox Studio, and see all the amazing tools you have to create your own Roblox worlds. This kids-friendly course walks them through how to use Roblox Studio including creating their own custom drawings. Place and manipulate walls and objects to build your own custom Roblox Adventure. Each individual lesson is made up of multiple lesson pages to teach a coding concept with text and visuals, provide in-lesson practice, and a step-by-step activity for the student to add newly learned code to their existing game file. Grading will be based on quizzes, project uploads, and teacher requirements.

Course Requirements

Grade Level

3 – 5


Students must have access to a computer with internet access and an internet browser. The computer may run Windows or Mac OS, no Chromebooks.

Students need to have registered for a free Roblox account (the lesson in the course can help them do this.)


1 Semester





Major Concepts

Module 1: Roblox Studio
Module 2: Using Roblox Studio
Module 3: Templates, Terrain
Module 4: Solid Modeling, Textures
Module 5: Plugins and Toolbox
Module 6: Particle Effects
Module 7: UI Design
Module 8: Animation