Grade 1 Language Arts

Course Description

This First Grade Language Arts course will teach students to identify and write all letters, produce letter sounds, and frequently used phonograms. Students will also master reading and comprehension strategies and weekly sight words to grow as readers. All Common Core 1 Language Arts standards are met in this course.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Course Materials List

*Materials listed should be acquired by the student prior to beginning work in the course.


2 Semesters



Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Email Communication (With the assistance of parent or teacher)

Semester A

Topics Covered:

  • Short a
  • Short e
  • r Blends
  • Short i
  • Short o
  • s Blends
  • l Blends
  • Short u
  • Phonics: sh, th
  • Phonics: ch, wh, ph
  • Long i; _i_e
  • Longa; _a_e
  • Soft c, soft g, dge
  • Phonics: ou and ow
  • Phonics: oo and u
  • Long o; _o_e
  • Long e: _e_e and Long u: _u_e
  • Phonics: oi and oy

Semester B

Topics Covered:

  • ai and ay
  • ee, ea
  • nk and ng
  • ey and y
  • oa, oe, ow
  • igh, ie, y
  • ar
  • ur, er, ir
  • ck, k
  • ing and ed
  • Double Consonants
  • s and es
  • au and aw
  • kn, gn, wr
  • er, est
  • Compound Words
  • Contractions