Spanish 1

Course Description

Spanish 1, Semester A, is an introduction to Spanish language and culture.  Students learn to start with the basics of greetings and basic conversation, working to incorporate ideas from their life and experiences in Spanish conversation.  This will be accomplished through written and verbal expression of the Spanish language.

Building upon Semester A, Spanish 1 Semester B expands to asking questions and conversational Spanish throughout one’s neighborhood and daily life.  Through real-life scenarios and learning examples, students will describe situations, in Spanish, both verbally and written.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





2 Semesters

Credit Value




Major Concepts

Semester A

  • Greetings and Basic Conversation
  • Describing Yourself and Others
  • Numbers
  • Leisure Activities and Preferences
  • Daily School Life and Telling Time
  • Sports

Semester B

  • Food and Asking Questions
  • Family
  • Getting Around Town and the Near Future
  • Around the House
  • Restaurant
  • Clothing