Course Description

This course is appropriate for beginning, intermediate, and advanced runners and offers a variety of training schedules for each. In addition to reviewing the fundamental principles of fitness, students learn about goals and motivation, levels of training, running mechanics, safety and injury prevention, appropriate attire, running in the elements, good nutrition and hydration, and effective cross-training. While this course focuses mainly on running for fun and fitness, it also briefly explores the realm of competitive racing. Students take a pre- and post fitness assessment. Throughout this course students also participate in a weekly fitness program involving running, as well as elements of resistance training and flexibility.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • SPRI Resistance Tubing Kit


1 Semester



Technology Skills

  • Internet Navigation
  • Word Processing
  • Email Communication

Semester A

Major Concepts

  • Fitness Assessment and Training Plan
  • Running Mechanics
  • Safety and Equipment
  • The Running Scene
  • Total Wellness
  • Post Assessment