The World of STEAM

Course Description

Each aspect of the arts relies on science and technology. In The World of STEAM, students will learn why the eye sees color, how a dancer uses gravity and what makes a sound wave travel. The arts, science and technology are intertwined, now more than ever. Understanding the science behind the art will elevate students to a new level of creativity.

Course Requirements

Grade Level





1 Semester

Credit Value




Major Concepts

  • Anatomy: Discover the relationship between art and the human anatomy.
  • Light: Explore reflection and absorption and break down the science to better apply it to your artistic works.
  • Geometry: Understand the basics of drawing by using geometric shapes to create a balanced composition.
  • Water: Take a closer look at the science of water and its importance in the arts.
  • Technology: Learn about the technology behind microphones, lighting and other equipment used in performances.
  • Music and math: Breakdown the math behind music to better understand music notation and organization.
  • Sound: Learn about the science behind sound waves and how they travel.
  • Biology: Take a step by step approach to breaking down the biology of dancing.
  • Engineering: Analyze how math and science is used in architecture and building design.