Art Explorations

Course Description

Introducing students to diverse areas in the arts can broaden their perspective on the arts in general. Arts Explorations encourages students to experience each of the modern arts disciplines including Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, Media Arts and Dance. Students will also be able to identify areas of special interest where they would like continued study and the ways that the arts can be a part of their career paths.

Course Requirements

Grade Level



Funny Photomaker (free download)


1 Semester



Major Concepts

  • Introduction to the arts: Gain a better understanding of the different forms of art and recognize the products of modern arts careers.
  • Film and television: Discover the history of film and television and its evolution including technological inventions and inventors, directors, actors and other socio-cultural impacts of film and television.
  • Media arts: Explore digital photography, photojournalism, photo manipulation and more and learn how to capture scenes and edit them using modern technology.
  • Studio arts: Learn the artistic elements and techniques needed to compose a range of different artwork using various mediums.
  • Art history: Discover the rich history of the arts and the major artists and works that have built the foundation for the arts today.
  • World music: Analyze the musical works from Russia, Spain, Ireland, Africa, Hawaii and beyond.
  • American music: Gain a better understanding of American music by learning about the schools, organizations and artists that have contributed to the music industry beginning as far back as colonial times.
  • Theatre: From backstage to the spotlight, identify various jobs and roles associated with theatre.
  • Dance: Discover the evolution of dance, from ancient ritualistic ceremonies to the moonwalk and Michael Jackson.