Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Course Description

This course teaches what every student should know about Artificial Intelligence. AI is a fast-moving technology with impacts and implications for both our individual lives and society as a whole. In this course, students will get a basic introduction to the building blocks and components of artificial intelligence, learning about concepts like algorithms, machine learning, and neural networks. Students will also explore how AI is already being used, and evaluate problem areas of AI, such as bias. The course also contains a balanced look at AI’s impact on existing jobs, as well as its potential to create new and exciting career fields in the future. Students will leave the course with a solid understanding of what AI is, how it works, areas of caution, and what they can do with the technology.

Course Requirements

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1 Semester

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Major Concepts

Module 1: Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Module 2: Perception and Intelligence
Module 3: Algorithms in AI
Module 4: Machine Learning
Module 5: Deep Learning & Neural Networks
Module 6: Humans and AI
Module 7: Ethical AI and Biases
Module 8: AI and Jobs